Gender/Season Correlations

The study shows that chances to get the first spontaneous phase experience (OBE/LD) grow during summers for men and during winters for women.

The same data show that men and women make first successfull attempts to achieve the phase state during the same unique seasons (winter and summer).

For women (all/spont/intent):

Winter 35/34/34%;

Spring 20/22/19%;

Summer 25/25/26%;

Fall 20/19/21%;


 For men (all/spont/intent):

Winter 24/23/26%;

Spring 20/23/18%;

Summer 33/34/30%;

Fall 23/20/26%;

The study is based on statistic information from 542 people/1-74 yo/spontaneous and intentional phases (accuracy for all data is 85-90%).

(Source of data)

Michael Raduga

OOBE Research Center

November 30, 2011