Statistical Evidence of Women’s Predisposition

The study shows that women have more chances to experience the phase state (lucid dreaming + out-of-body experience) and master it, than men. The difference may be seen in the way how people experience the first phase in their life.

The most hardest way to experience the phase state is to get it without previous sleep or before falling asleep. Women get the first phase experience during these periods of time on 67% more times, than men:

Men 16.95%/women 28.3% of all periods of time.

Maybe, the same statistic shows that the direct method(intentional, without sleep) to induce the phase state works for women on the same 67% better, than for men.


The study is based on statistic information from 619 people/1-74 yo/spontaneous and intentional phases (accuracy for all data is 85-90%).

(Source of data)

Michael Raduga

OOBE Research Center