Theory of Conscious Evolution 2.0

What the Bible
Alien Abductions
and Near-Death Experiences
All Have in Common?

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What the Bible, alien abductions and near-death experiences all have in common?

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This article is not about God, aliens or life after death. It is about a phenomenon that left huge traces to be seen in all these topics, as well as in many others, but usually people cannot see this fact.

I think that sometimes when people claim to see God, aliens or have near death experiences, they made incorrect interpretations of our hidden ability. We should know the truth and think about explanations of the phenomenon. It seems that we are really very close to the next step of our conscious evolution.

I am an independent researcher of the out-of-body phenomenon. I have had no less than three thousand out-of-body experiences (OBE). I’m the founder of the School of Out-of-body Travel and I have taught this phenomenon to thousands and thousands of people at my seminars or by my 10 books. I know almost everything about the OBE because I live in this topic 24/7. It is my life. I analyze dozens of out-of-body experiences every day that is why I can see obvious traces of the phenomenon in many aspects of everyday life. I can prove it in this article.

Actually, the out-of-body phenomenon is so normal that it may be a sign of the next step of the evolution of consciousness. Maybe, in the future our consciousness will be present not only in the wakeful state of the physical body but even outside of it.

Michael Raduga


Table of Contents:

Part 1. Biblical Astral Travelers

Part 2. Application to Be Abducted by Aliens

Part 3. How to See the Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel while You’re Still Alive

Part 4. Evolution

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